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Hello there! I have many photographs of the Great Outdoors, though not all are exclusively from that category. I love to camp and hike and that’s why I have taken these photos to show you all the marvelous wonders of nature and all that they behold. I also spend a great deal of time in my car, which means I see many storms pass through the Northern parts of Illinois. I find storms and their lightning fascinating and beautiful and cannot wait for you to see my greatest captures. Do not be fooled though, there are more to my photos than just nature and storms, you can also find many various categories that are all very interesting and beautiful in their own ways. Thank you for visiting my work and I hope you enjoy the sights!

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I have been delivering pizzas for ten years now. I realized a few years ago that I cannot get through life as a pizza delivery guy forever, so that’s when i decided to pick up my camera and become serious about photography. I’m not too sure where photography will take me, I am sure of one thing though, it will take me out of my car and into the outdoors. The outdoors is my passion and that is why i chose to take and display these photos for all of you to enjoy. So enough about me, I hope you enjoy my photos! Thanks for stopping by!

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Nicole Williams(non-registered)
You have some really fantastic photos Rich! Very well-placed shots--I especially like 'fire in the sky' :) Keep up the great work, I think it will take you far!
Rachel Hagerman(non-registered)
These photos are simply stunning. All of your work that I have seen is fantastic. I hope to see you go far in this profession, because it really seems to be your niche. Don't forget to try and get some dragonfly shots for me!
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